Lazy man lazy trick sofa slimming

I hate hot weather, I don’t like to go up and down, I just like to lie in the sofa and be a “sofa potato”.
Lazy people want to lose weight, and now there is a new way to teach you a set of lazy people to lose weight exercises, let you enjoy weight loss while enjoying.

  First, the side of the sofa used for one-leg squatting exercises, keep it upright above the waist, with a single foot against the sofa, the distance between the feet is about the same width as the shoulders, and then bend your knees to swing up and down, the swing range is about 90 degreesoptimal.

Take turns alternately, repeat the same action about 20 times each.

  Second, step on the upper body to lie on the sofa seat in the most comfortable way, with your feet slightly vacated to make a treadmill, trying to use the muscles of your thighs to drive the pedaling action. The line when you put on tights makes men difficultLook away from obsession.

  Efficacy: Promote healing of wounds and diseases.

It is a necessary nutrient for the production of collagen, which is especially important for the health of teeth, dental meat and bones.

Resists toxic chemicals in air, food, environment and water.

Foods containing vitamin E include malt, soybean oil, fresh sprouts, nuts, cereals, green leafy vegetables and eggs.

  Third, the front pressure exercise hands open about 2 times the width of the shoulders, with both palms supported on the sofa seat, the body does a push-up exercise at a 45-degree angle.

Put your feet together and let the back extend for the maximum. Repeat the action about 20 times, and the tail line of the whole body can be easily formed.

  4. Lift your buttocks and flat belly to lie down on the sofa, bend your knees, put a small pillow between your knees, use the power of your abdomen and buttocks to try to raise your body, repeat the same action about 20 times.Buttocks at your fingertips!

  Fifth, sit on the floor in front of the sofa with hands and feet together, bend your left foot, and press your right joint on the sofa. While tilting your left hand upwards, straighten your right foot forward as well.Swap left and right 10 times each.

Because this action requires the use of both hands and feet, the disadvantages are high, but it can balance the body from side to side.

  As the saying goes: “Three doctors, seven nurses, very defense.

“You can see the nature of health.

In many people’s consciousness, only old people need health. In fact, otherwise, health is a long road. The sooner you take this road, the more you will benefit.