6 major causes of spring sleepiness

Spring blooms, the weather is pleasant, and the weather is warm, but often makes people feel lazy, until there is enough sleep at night, still dizzy and drowsy during the day.

This is what people call “spring sleepiness.”

  Spring sleepiness is not a disease. It is a transient physiological phenomenon in which the physiological functions of the human body are adjusted accordingly with the change of natural seasons and the change of high and low temperatures.

In winter, in order to adapt to the cold environment and protect the temperature inside the body from spreading, the skin and microvessels are in a tight contraction state, maintaining the body’s physiological temperature and the central nervous system excitement information, so the human brain is relatively clean.

In the spring, the temperature is moderate, the skin and muscle microtubules are in a state of relaxation and relaxation, the blood flow is slow, the blood supply on the body surface is increased, and the blood flowing into the brain is correspondingly reduced.The drowsy “spring sleepiness” phenomenon.

  Experts have summarized the following 6 common causes of fatigue: 1.

Too much sleep If you sleep for 8-10 hours every night, you can still get sleepy and tired after getting up.


Partial eclipse you must know that eating too much lunch will become drowsy in the afternoon, because the stomach becomes the focus, and all organs are busy helping it digest food.


After smoking the body, after inhaling nicotine, it stimulates the brain to transmit the command of adrenaline. The central nerve is excited and consumes too much glucose in the body. Therefore, you feel excited. After this period of time, waiting for you will be deeper tired.The cost you just overwhelmed.


Those who don’t like sports have weak muscles.


Insufficient water absorption of each organ inside the body depends on water to work properly, so if there is no water in the body, the metabolism will slow down and it will cause a strong sense of drowsiness.


Usually I like to take anti-cold medicine, analgesics, antidepressants, and anxiolytics.