Training guide for the five basic qualities of basketball

Physical training is the basis of all ball games. Any sport has certain requirements for physical fitness. It must first have a good physical ability to accurately complete various actions.

For speed training, if you want to practice more speed, you must increase your speed on the basis of endurance training. At the same time, it is closely combined with strength and explosive training.

  In the past, there was no gym. Physical training can only use the ground. For example, you can use the steps of the stands to practice frog jumps to strengthen your leg strength.Explosive power, sit-ups to exercise the core parts, this can also achieve a certain physical fitness training effect.

However, strength training is often overlooked, which is more fatal, because muscle strength is the foundation. If there is no good strength, several other qualities will be affected.

If you want to further improve your physical fitness, and lay the rest of the foundation for superb basketball skills, physical fitness training in the gym is the best choice, good hardware facilities will naturally make the exercise effect more effective.

  Endurance training can be broken down into three categories: cardiopulmonary function, muscle endurance and perseverance.

Cardiopulmonary function and muscle endurance can be trained in all aerobic exercises. Running is one of the simplest, easiest to operate and better endurance training programs for the general population.

It is worth mentioning that the spinning bike is a comprehensive exercise that integrates endurance and explosive power, such as standing in climbing, suddenly increasing the bicycle to overcome, leaning over and riding fast.

When doing strength exercises, you can bear weights, and you can train muscle endurance more often.

Endurance is actually a test of your most enduring endurance, depending on whether you can persist in the end, so it is actually a very broad concept and is also related to perseverance.

Sometimes spiritual things are often the most important.

  For speed training, if you want to practice more speed, you must increase your speed on the basis of endurance training. At the same time, it is closely combined with strength and explosive training.

Legs must have strength so that they have explosive power and speed.

Therefore, to practice speed, you must first practice strength and endurance, and practice local strength. These will be introduced in “strength training”.

Speed training is commonly performed by using a treadmill to adjust the speed, and sprinting exercises are performed in the above.

In addition, the exercises specifically for explosive power can be completed by variable-speed cycling, leaning down, and variable-speed running on a treadmill.

Outdoor fold-back running and variable speed running are also a good method of explosive training.

  Strength training has already mentioned that strength and endurance are the basis of several other qualities, so strength training is particularly important.

When we look at NBA stars, we can see that their shoulders are the most developed, and their chests, backs, and legs are also strong.

Therefore, strength training is a comprehensive and comprehensive exercise. As far as basketball is concerned, the more important exercises are the following parts: shoulders, arms, back, chest, legs.

It is necessary to focus on local strength training for these points. After doing these strength trainings, it is easy to stand out on the basketball court.

  The core training is waist and abdomen. Strength can be divided into exercises for the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, lateral abdomen, and lower back.

The training of waist and abdomen does not need to use too much weight. Generally, it can be practiced with bare hands, but to repeat more times, conversion, Pilates is one of the best training courses to enhance the strength of the waist and abdomen, if you can, you can use it.Join your training program.

  Editor’s Tip: If you can consistently practice the above five basic physical qualities, this is a test of perseverance in itself, so it will also help strengthen mental quality.

However, the training of psychological quality is more an accumulation of experience and a test of courage. It is not a problem that the gym can solve, but a cumulative result.