Touch the baby, Dad’s hands can’t be less

Guide: Experts point out that parents, especially dads, should know more about the benefits and necessity of touching, so that they can better help their babies grow up healthily.

  The weather right now is a good time to touch the baby.

The simplest thing for the baby to touch is the close contact between that family member and the baby’s skin. By touching, the child first knows his or her parents.

  Infant care is as important to children as vitamins and proteins. When touching, parents pass the love to the child through mild stimulation of the baby’s skin, making them feel extremely happy and safe, and stabilize the child’s emotions.,Enhance self-confidence.

In addition, touching can help children reduce bloating and constipation, and improve immunity.

Touch can also promote infant nervous system development, increase IQ, and make children smarter.

  What does the novice dad need to pay attention to when helping the baby?

  Touch the baby about twice a day, once every 15 minutes.

It is best to choose a time when your child is not tired, tired, irritable and awake before and after bathing, before nap and before going to bed or between meals.

  For dads, you must master the strength when touching the baby, so that the baby does not hurt or itchy.

Dads are usually busy at work and can use sporadic time to care for their babies in sections.

  The father can often touch the baby’s little hands and feet, and rub the baby’s back and wait.

Touching is not a mechanical operation, but a loving and emotional exchange between parents and children.

The most important thing to touch is to convey love. The father should look at the baby with a smile, talk gently with the baby, and let the baby know his father’s love.