Shanghai: Y + Yoga Club

Y + is one of the top yoga clubs in China, with good environment and customer service, and 30 full-time yoga instructors with international qualifications.

Over 800 lesson choices per month, including hot yoga, flow yoga, yin yoga, Ashtanga and more.

  Brief introduction of each branch: Y + Xintiandi Club: The club is selected in the heart of Shanghai city center, adjacent to the charming Xintiandi, 1600 square meters.

Designed by world-renowned architectural / interior design master Lyndon Neri, the club has a good yoga practice environment and a rare quiet meditation and relaxation space in the center of Shanghai. It has 2 hot yoga classrooms and a stylishStyle Flow Yoga / Ashtanga Classroom.

Several meditation spaces, healthy food, Xintiandi are a great place to practice yoga.

  Address: 2nd Floor, Enterprise World, 2nd Floor, 202 Hubin Road, ShanghaiTel: + 86 21 6340 6161 Y + Fuxing West Road Club: Fuxing Road Club is a unique and private club with small classes, replacing traditional French architectureThe upper floor is 3 floors. You can take juice for free in the juice bar after class.

  Address: 299-2, Fuxing West Road, ShanghaiTel: + 86 21 6433 4330 Y + Hangzhou West Lake Club: Cozy and warm private space next to West Lake, Hangzhou Club has local yoga practitioners as core members, a weekend leisure practiceplace.
  Address: 4th Floor, Siyan Lixin Residence Club, No.7 Dongpo Road, HangzhouTel: + 86 0571 8717 2436