The “Mind Skills” You Must Understand When Contacting Your Buddies

At present, the large-scale medical drama “Xin Shu” starring Wu Xiubo, Hai Qing, and Zhang Jiayi is on the air. In the play, Huo Siyi, who was originally a “buddy”, and Mei Xiaohu gradually developed feelings in their work contact.

Mei Xiaohu went to the Wenchuan earthquake site to support the rescue. Huo Sizhen was in the hospital, but his heart had already flown to Mei Xiaohu’s body. During this time, he also renovated her newly purchased house.
Some viewers shouted “Can’t stand it” for their ambiguity.
With the continuous progress of the relationship between men and women, the phenomenon of buddies becoming lovers often occurs. Can this be achieved?
How should women face it?
  ”Male buddies” in the eyes of women: I have seen such a metaphor: Some people compare the circle of women’s heterosexual friends to the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. Some are used to tell the heart, some are “firefighters”, some are handyman, andSome are super consultants in the workplace.
  Trash can: Talk to your “buddies”, a woman can open her heart without worrying about her privacy being leaked, letting tears flow, pouring out emotional frustration and inner distress like a bamboo tube pouring beans.
Sometimes, you can lie on the shoulders of “brothers” and pamper yourself, even if you look embarrassed, you are not afraid of “brothers” jokes.
  Handyman: The toilet in the rental room has stopped cooking, the computer at home is down, the power outlet is short-circuited, the bulk goods are moved, the train ticket for the new year is purchased, and the heel on the road is broken . At this time, you can move out of “buddy”Come to the rescue, timely and swift, as strong as a sailor, and as intelligent as Sun Wukong.
  Workplace consultants: Workplaces are like rivers and lakes. People who run in rivers and lakes are unavoidable.
In the workplace, I was reprimanded by my boss, I was wearing small shoes by my colleague, I made a mistake in my job, I encountered a bottleneck in my promotion, I met an Satyr customer, and so on. I was wronged and unfair. Women easily lost their reason and fell into the traps set by others.
And “buddy” can help you analyze the situation well, find out the problem, come up with a coping and face-to-face solution, and also improve women’s ability to deal with problems.
  ”Male buddies” enrich the social network: In the fast-paced and high-pressure era, whether it is an unmarried woman or a married woman, there is an increasing need for “brothers” to give them strength and confidence.
Even eating and drinking together with “buddies” is a way to reduce stress.
Add a few more “buddies” and you will find your social network stronger.
  The “female buddies” in the eyes of men: In the men’s world, the “female buddies” are often more capable than their girlfriends, they speak out of justice, and they are much simpler than lover relationships. Men do not have to scratch their heads for trivial matters, and they don’t have to worry about all dayThey are happy.
Just the other way round, “female buddies” can help men to worry about, serve as a good helper for life, serve as a food shield, health supervisor, etc. In a popular saying, “Sister is covered, you can rest assured!
Psychological Counselor: Due to physiological differences, men often close their hearts when they are emotionally confused, and don’t like to talk to the outside world.
As “girl buddies”, you can help them find the reason, because women know women’s hearts best. No matter how they pursue girls or please girls, “girl buddies” can give the best tips.
Even if he encounters a love affair, the “girlfriends” can use his tenderness and wisdom to help him build faith and possess the heroic spirit of “come back again.”
  Meal shield: Meal is the second social field for men. It is good for workplace meals, friends meals, violent drinking, business affairs, relationships, etc. are commonplace in some meals, and some men are difficult to control.
In this regard, “girl buddies” can use their gender advantages to help them become embarrassed and indifferent. They can turn their natural fate into smooth roads, which can not only win face for them, but also resolve the problem smoothly, and they have some cuteness and make menCan not help but return to the bloody leech world.
  Health Supervisor: Most men don’t pay attention to their physical health, especially today, “men = difficult people”, men bear strong pressure like snails, pay attention to their diet and sleep, remind them to work and rest, and take timeFitness, going to the hospital for medical examinations on time, etc. This is the best gift for them.
  ”Girl buddies” decorate the social network: “Girl buddies” are mostly informal and generous. They are amazing in alcohol, extensive in connections, and capable, and they always give men timely psychological counseling and intimate comfort, and ease work and life.Pressure to build firm courage and faith.
  My story with “Buddies”: The old buddies, the couples today, the hostess: Yawen, female, 29 years old, sales. Earlier this year, Yawen and Jia Ming went on the red carpet.
She and Jia Ming are high school classmates. They live close to each other. At that time, they were both class committee members. The relationship was very harmonious. They were buddies who talked about everything.
Later, the two were admitted to the same university, and although they were in the same class in different departments, they still maintained a buddy relationship.
Jia Ming cared for her very much. He helped with water, snacks, and even homework assignments. The roommate thought he was Yawen’s boyfriend, but Yawen explained heartlessly, “We are iron buddies!
“One time, Yawen accidentally broke her right leg while playing volleyball in a physical education class. She was cast in a dormitory and couldn’t move. Jia Mingtian delivered meals and bone soup three times until she recovered.
Later, Jia Ming asked her classmate to give her a love letter and formally confess to her, “Be my girlfriend!
“Ya Wen was both surprised and tangled. She texted and said,” You are good to me, and I will never forget it until death, but if I want to be your girlfriend, I will have one less buddy! ”
“Jia Ming didn’t reply again, and the two kept the same pace as before.
  After graduating from college, many sisters went to work in other cities with her boyfriend. Yawen’s parents also urged her to find her boyfriend quickly, otherwise she would take her to a blind date.
For a while, Yawen didn’t think about it, she lost more than three pounds, and she thought that Jia Ming was best for herself.
When she didn’t know how to speak to him, Jia Ming found her, “If you don’t promise my courtship again, I will jump into the sea!
Yawen said with a choke, “I can’t miss it again this time!”
“By the way, the two hugged tightly.
After the marriage, they had a fun and enjoyable childhood, and they didn’t have the aesthetic fatigue that others have said. Yawen often joked and said, “Brothers become lovers.I’ve known all his shortcomings and hobbies, he just wanted to get rid of me was not so easy!

Loyalty: Because of long-term relationships with buddies, it is easy to build deep emotions. This is the foundation of the marriage building.

  Some buddies will bring harm to the hostess: An Qing, female, 27 years old. As soon as civil servants talk about buddies Sui Meng, An Qing regrets it.

After graduating from college, An Qing followed her boyfriend to Nanjing. Unexpectedly, just one year later, her boyfriend betrayed her.

At first, despite her parents’ opposition, she left without a face and wanted to work hard to forget the pain.

At this time, An Qing met Sui Meng at his girlfriend’s birthday party and talked to him very well. Since then, he often played with him, and she regarded him as a good buddy.

After contacting Sui Meng for a long time, An Qing became more aware of his tactics, whether it was usually dinner out together, or she had something to ask him.

But she warned herself that Sui Meng already has a girlfriend and must not affect their feelings!

On Valentine’s Day this year, it happened to be Sui Meng’s birthday. Everyone agreed to go out for a dinner to celebrate. An Qing chose a brand-name watch for him.

Sui Meng’s girlfriend was a stewardess, and she couldn’t come back that day.

That night, everyone went to K song after dinner, and it was too late to play until late at night.

An Qing was happy and drunk, and Sui Meng helped him back to his rental house.

However, he had a relationship with her and woke up the next morning, An Qing put on her clothes and ran away.

In the past, An Qing and other girlfriends were also here at Sui Meng, but they all wore clothes to sleep. It never occurred to them that the two went to bed. What was most difficult for her to accept was that it was her first night.

Afterwards, Sui Long called her many times and went to the company to find her. An Qing avoided it.

She felt a sense of guilt inside, and felt sorry for his girlfriend, and thought that she had been cheated by him.

His girlfriend told her that Sui Meng had sex with another younger sister before drinking and comforted her, “Occasionally, the buddies go out of order, nothing!

Don’t let yourself go!

“Since then, An Qing changed jobs and disconnected from Sui Meng, but she couldn’t let go of this matter.

  Loyalty: Be considerate buddies again, they are all men, men and women are different, women always have to keep their eyes open, and they must know how to avoid the sudden injury of buddies.


Not all buddies are suitable for her husband and hostess: Soho, female, 33 years old, marketing manager. When Soho came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau after divorce, her eyes suddenly blurred.

The reason for her divorce with her husband, Lu Chengcheng, was not due to the appearance of “Primary Three”, nor was she incompatible with her personality, but because Lu Cheng had too many heterosexual friends.

They met in the MBA class in business management. Lu Cheng was the monitor, talented, experienced officers, and often organized classmates to go out for dinner, travel, and went to Soho to get acquainted with him.

  Once, the company took over an important project, but Soho’s mother was hospitalized because of relapsed diabetes, and she was so busy.

After hearing about Lu Cheng, he took the initiative to help her plan this project, and put forward a lot of valuable opinions for her work. Sohe was grateful.

Since then, Soho has been closer to him. The two sometimes talk about feelings, but never think about that.

Until the graduation banquet of the MBA class, Lu Cheng gathered up the courage to confess to Soho, and he agreed with tears.

Six months later, the two got their licenses and got married.

After the marriage, there was always an inexplicable cold war between the two, starting from the honeymoon.

First, Lu Cheng and A Mei in the MBA class had a lot to do. Soho asked a few words and he was impatient; a teacher and sister from Lu Cheng University came to study, and he let her live at home without saying hello. Soho was very unhappy.
What is most unacceptable is that Su Ho found that Lu Cheng often went out to dance and eat with some female clients. She questioned him and asked him to give him an account.

Lu Chengqi quickly deteriorated, “They are my partners and my buddies, just like you back then!

If you can’t accept it, I can’t accept you!

Lu Cheng’s words almost choked Soho.

  Loyalty: Every buddy has more than just a little girl in her life. When a woman plans to marry a buddy, she must first understand his dating situation and emotional experience. If she can’t accept it, don’t get on the boat easily.

  To associate with “buddies”, women must have “mind skills”: No1.

There is no saying that there is no pure friendship between men and women. “Women use friendship as an excuse to refuse love, and men use friendship as a springboard to pursue love.”

Therefore, the exchange between men and women often comes, or passion is burning and love occurs, or both parties or one party actively becomes a sexual partner. There is never a pure friendship. As the writer Liang Xiaosheng said, “only young men and women who are not attracted to each other”There will be pure friendship, which is an iron rule about men and women.

No2.Since the social “mind” that women must know is this, women must keep a certain distance when they get along with “brothers”. At the very least, they must draw a line in their hearts, give him a position, and know how to protect themselves. This is not self-esteemAnd self-love is also a form of cultivation, including the cultivation of courage and faith, and the wisdom of modest choice.

These are both social “mind skills” and common sense of love.

  number 3

The “mind skills” that must be understood when dealing with “brothers”. As for whether women and “brothers” can achieve positive results, it depends on the emotional involvement of both parties, and whether they have sincerity and trust.

However, to develop into a husband and wife with “buddies”, women also need to have a bit of “mind”, to understand his background and interpersonal relationships before marriage, to see if he is sincere to himself, to tie his heart firmly with wisdom after marriage, neverRelax due to past familiarity.

If you ca n’t control it, do n’t marry “brother” easily.