The faint floral love of the moonlight in Bali

The gentle scenery of Bali in Bali relives the sunset of the Indian Ocean, but it is intertwined with “the wonder of faith, the magic charm of magic.

I think Bali has a spiritual depth.

I started preparing early, and I spent the last four days in my imaginary plan. On the first day, I got off the plane and went straight to Kumba’s Jimbaran Beach. (Kuta and the airport are veryNearly) The beaches and sunsets here are the most beautiful on the island.

銆€銆€Beautiful Bali in the open-air bar or restaurant, while watching the sunset while eating the food, watching a variety of people, and then no more comfortable.

On the second day, rent a truck, preferably Jeep, away from the downtown area of Bali to the east of the city. In the morning sun, you can walk through the vast rice fields of Muncan. It is best to catch up with a farmer’s market and experience the life of the Balinese people.

銆€銆€Arrived at Tulamben diving at noon.

When you come back at sunset, you can see the rice fields in the sunset. It must be beautiful.

On the third day, I went to Ubud to do a day of art trip.

Go to Monkey Forest Road and watch the monkeys climb on the stone statues of the ancient temples. The locals sit quietly and peacefully under the big banyan tree, and the animals, people and the gods naturally blend and communicate.

Maybe a picture, a statue, a piece of cloth, a silver handicraft, I can’t wait for it.

Be sure to enjoy the spa in the evening, and use the natural essential oils of Bali to frustrate these days.

銆€銆€If there is time in the morning of the fourth day, I will go to the beach and leave Bali in the afternoon.

With beautiful memories and collected works of art.

銆€銆€I always feel that the tour is an important part of tourism.

Sometimes it is a preparation and sometimes a make up.

When I was in high school, I was lying in bed with my best friend, facing the world map and doing some crazy travel.

It’s just very happy.

“Go back to reality” This is the teacher’s shouting on the podium to the students who are thinking outside the window.

The real trip has begun.

On the first day of Bali, I got a plane that was over 8 o’clock in the morning and didn’t eat breakfast.

When I arrived at the airport, I was told that the flight was cancelled and I was hungry and hungry for half a day. The best result was to catch a flight to Hong Kong at 9:00, fly from Hong Kong to Singapore, and only two flights to Bali. I could haveIf you catch up, you can only catch up with more than four in the afternoon.

I spent the whole day in the flight, and arrived at the hotel at 12 o’clock in the evening, at WESTIN RESORT in Noosadou, the southernmost part of Bali.

When the taxi enters the gate, it is necessary to check whether there is a bomb under the car.

銆€銆€The room is good, I can see a little sea in the swimming pool, it is late in the evening, but I still have to earn a little back in the day, so my husband decided to go swimming in the pool.

The water is not cool, it is warm, it seems to be slightly salty, very comfortable.

I said that this must be connected to the sea. Her husband said that it would not be that everyone went to the sea to swim and then returned to the bubble here, which was so salty.

It was very late the next day. In the big gazebo that was not far from the sea, the heavy rain poured down. When I was not sitting down, I was rushed to another indoor restaurant, but the heavy rain brought coolness.

銆€銆€Sunlight and flowers are as dizzy as this is close to the equator.

Looking at the sea from afar, there is nothing moving, and the sand on the beach is not good.

On the beach, some sunsets are spectacular, some sunrises are amazing, some seas are breathtaking, and some beaches are white–will always turn out the most beautiful pages of their own, and the page left by this seaWhat could it be?

銆€銆€Imagine always having fun with no regrets, and reality is always full of occasional fun, which is important to me during my trip.

I can imagine what I want, but the reality is that I can only choose to go to Ubud in the travel route provided by the hotel in the afternoon, sitting in the spacious bus, watching the scenery on both sides, the small houses of the jungle flowers, filled with variousCarvings along the street workshop.

Balinese people riding motorcycles, small markets under big banyan trees, men and women wearing skirts.

銆€銆€Old and ancient vertices, mottled and broken statues.

The aerial roofs everywhere can be mixed trees and flowers.

The first thing we went to was a workshop for making batik cloth.

There are a few women sitting there under the pergola, handling the small pots that hold the sample like a beak, and occasionally rubbing it in the hot golden wax next to it, and then carefully drawing the lines already on the cloth.

When they painted, they were all imagined by themselves.The lines are gracefully and quietly spread out, just like the woman who painted the beautiful butterflies and flowers with wax on my skirt. I saw the long black hair from the silhouette, one hand holding the cloth, oneThe hand moved slowly, and it was filled with a calm and serene atmosphere.

There is a large house showroom with a variety of patterns of batik cloth, many of which are produced on the assembly line.

銆€銆€After getting on the train for a while, I went to another workshop of woodcarving crafts to see their work. The woman with a curtain of a shade of one meter high from the ground was sitting in a long row, slowly doing the work of the hand.When we saw us coming in, we all laughed. The three men sat on the other side of the front. One of them was a natural root of a half-man, and it was already being transformed into a work of art by his hand.His hand was touched by inspirational imagination, and his eyes never left his hand.

A large number of rooms are filled with various wood carvings, and there are several large oil paintings inside. Both wood carvings and oil paintings are good, only expensive, all in US dollars.

I know that I don’t have time to travel through the streets of Ubud to taste and bargain for interesting works of art.

It’s good to appreciate it here, but I’m never accepting the price, but it’s not acceptable.

Keep it for sale to the Japanese.

The Japanese’s reputation in Bali is good because of generosity.

銆€銆€Later, he visited a Hindu gypsum and several Balinese homes, with densely carved openings, eaves and bricks, temple porch columns, and singularly shaped idol sculptures mixed with moss and tropical mottled ruins.In the quietly blooming variety of orchids, the embellishments and cover of tropical plants are all mysterious.

I can’t understand Bali from the depth of my spirit, but I can smell the magic from this air, the charm of Bali itself.

銆€銆€Finally, the car finally drove to Monkey Forest Road. There were no art galleries outside the parking window, craft shops, restaurants, backpackers, small restaurants, monkeys, crowds passing by us. There was a tree through the flowers, you can seeA long-haired blonde woman carrying a travel bag and playing with a dog in the yard, it is probably a self-service small inn, the setting sun is setting, the warm golden color shrouds the yard, and it is shrouded next to it.Not far from a full-glass triangular-roofed house, there is a large cushion of purple and dark green on the floor. It is probably a place to drink coffee. The transparent glass cottage in the jungle at sunset is fashionable and fun.

Traveling to Bali is suitable for finding a small inn in a town like Ubud for a while.

It’s lazy and enchanting, with a charming charm.

銆€銆€The car is parked in a big small commodity market, but there is not much time. The things here are very nice and cheap, as long as you will bargain.

Here we are all millionaires. The currency of Bali is about 1,000,000 rubles for the ruble, which is almost 1,000 yuan.

The Balinese people are also very friendly, plus they buy tens of thousands of dollars to buy, very fun.

Buy a good-looking woven bag for RMB 25, and find a pair of sandals with shells on the stalls, with the colors of the Indian Ocean sunset.

Also very cheap.

銆€銆€I bought a few plates that were said to be made of wax.

The young man who sells it will say a little bit of Chinese. I asked him what he said. He said that the wax is not wax. The husband said that it is not like wax. It looks good.

Dinner is the most lively JI in Kuta.

Ablmanyu eats on the beach of a restaurant.

Sea Breeze Stars.

Not bad, but I prefer the grilled corn cobs sold on the beach carts.

It’s hard to appreciate the enthusiasm of this street as our tourists are rushing.

Not as early as the next day to KUTA Beach, famous for its wonderful equatorial sunset.

It is also an unbeatable place to see people.

The exotic atmosphere of Bali spent most of the morning in the RESORT. The long and wide beaches here are lined with several RESORTs. There is no wall barrier between them. A coastal road runs through to the distance.On the small island covered by the sea.

Because the water in this area is very clear, in the sun, the color level is still very rich.

A large piece of shallow rock on the coast rocks, the waves pull a long white edge far away, because the Qing can see the large group of algae sea urchins, and even a lot of fish are playing.

If people want to swim, they will not be too comfortable. The sea is too shallow, and there is no pleasure in surfing. They will step on the sea urchin and will entangle the seaweed.

銆€銆€So we took a glass bottom boat and drove to the sea to see the underwater fish and corals.

After staying in the sea for a while, I went to the lovely swimming pool bubble, and it was exactly the same as my husband said.

At 4 or 5 in the afternoon, we arrived at KUTA Beach. The crowds rushed in at sunset. In this charming, 10 km long crescent-shaped wide strip beach, covered with grayish white sand, with the sea waterFalling and falling, such as the mirror, reflects the sky and beautiful.

On the street along the beach, you can see all kinds of people, the old European heads with the sun-baked red body, the guitar musicians, the traders who make all kinds of small games, the tourists who lie down on the spot and massage.Snacks.

.I ate a peeling slice with different tropical melons, put a slightly sweet sauce in the bowl, add some spicy, and sprinkle something like our dried shrimp paste. It tastes great.

銆€銆€The setting sun in the Indian Ocean here is lively and charming, but I have to leave early because I booked the MASSAGE for essential oil at 7:00 in the morning, and I was facing the sea on the side of the tree-lined road.
When I walked around the path through the tulle, there was no one around, and a round of the moon had risen to the middle of Shanghai. The moonlight blew in the sea, through the flowers, the shadows of the trees, the ancient lanterns on the beach, and the faintThe blue waters of the blue are flashing with scales and waves, quiet and gentle.
The foreground, the medium scene, the distant view, like a very beautiful painting, reminds me of the first “Moon is coming out bright and bright.”

“The melody.”

銆€銆€The sea breeze cares, I have slowly spread the air with the floral fragrance of the essential oil in the painting, and the gentleness and gentleness can also penetrate this part of my body into it.

The last meal was spent by the whole family on the seashore in the middle of the month.

I will say goodbye to Bali tomorrow.

銆€銆€When I was on the plane, I passed through a gallery. The paintings on both sides made me like it. It was mainly the theme of the sunset. The woman who was looking back at the paddy fields, the temples in the sunset, the coconut trees in the sea, were so smart and simple.Tweaking, that is the product of the mind’s natural, so touching.

My eyes stayed on the oil painting of a sailboat in the sea. Every inch of the canvas was filled with different colors. The picture was so pure and gentle, the light and shadow were soft and interlaced, and the picture had the same space as the human imagination.How can I paint this way? I have fully integrated all the happy feelings of the sea and the colors in this picture.

But you didn’t know it. If you saw it, you would say that it was like this.

Husband called me in front, I ran forward, and hurried back and took another look.

Just like the bleakness of this time, the one who met in thousands of people, that person.

It turned out to impress your heart.

Just like Bali, in this life, will I come again?