Seven natural elements help skin resist oxidation

Aging is a physiological phenomenon that continues in all organisms, including the human body.

However, even if you can’t stop the pace of aging, you can try to slow down the pace of aging.

In fact, the main cause of aging in the human body is the oxidation caused by free radicals.

In fact, many natural substances are rich in effective ingredients that fight against free radical oxidation.

  Here are 7 recommended natural antioxidants to inject new antioxidant energy into your skin.

  1. Green tea polyphenols in green tea have strong antioxidant, anti-oxidation, and anti-carcinogenicity. Tests have shown that green tea cream with a concentration of 3% has been shown to have a positive effect on acne.

  Representative products: H2O-Shuizhiao Green Tea Cream H2O-Shuizhiao Green Tea Cream contains Japanese green tea extract and Centella Asiatica extract, which injects powerful antioxidant molecules into the skin and forms a protective film to prevent free radicals and environmental pollution.Injures skin tissues, effectively prevents wrinkles, and eliminates yellow gas and dullness; plus Paraguayan tea and seaweed extracts replenish skin cells with rich moisture, nourish and repair the skin, and glow healthy!

  2. Ginkgo biloba is the longevity of the tree. Its leaves are believed to increase blood flow and circulation, resist free radicals, and have antioxidant and anti-allergic properties.

   Representative products: Ginkgo biloba cleansing milk Ginkgo biloba cleansing milk contains ingredients of ginkgo biloba to keep skin healthy.

婵 True Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Series contains Ginkgo biloba extract and various plant beauty ingredients, which can completely clear the skin.

  3, olive olive contains a variety of nutrients required by the human body, does not contain flavors and chemicals, its fatty acids and a variety of natural fat-soluble vitamins are very beneficial to nourish the skin.

  Representative product: DHC Olive Leaf Beauty Cream DHC Olive Leaf Beauty Cream is a powerful cream that condenses the essence of olive leaves and olive fruits.

Contains concentrated olive leaf extract, olive oil that protects the skin, and plant-based moisturizing ingredients, oil-soluble vitamin C and other active ingredients.

The high-quality joint effect can stimulate the skin’s beauty potential, keep the skin away from dryness, ultraviolet rays and stress, and create strong, soft and elastic skin.

  4. Grape Grape has a variety of cosmetic effects.

First of all, its grape polyphenols have anti-oxidant function, which can eliminate the proliferation of free genes and effectively delay aging; grape kernels can soften the skin and make the skin moisturizing and moisturizing.

In addition, grape pulp contains vitamin B3 and rich minerals, which can deeply moisturize, anti-aging and promote skin cell regeneration.

  Representative product: ElizabethArden-Adonton Grape Seed Mask Mask ElizabethElizabeth Arden-Adonton Grape Seed Mask Mask is rich in antioxidant Cabernet Sauvignon grape seed extract, Rudbeckia extract and herbal extract, which can effectively eliminate free radicals and enhance skin resistanceOxygen capacity.

With unique natural sugar extract, it gently and effectively promotes the exfoliating activity of AHA on the inner layer of the skin, helps the skin to improve the moisturizing and the absorption of various maintenance ingredients, and prevents the skin from being dull and dry.

  5, red pomegranate red pomegranate fruit, one of the oldest fruits in the world, is regarded as a magical natural fruit treasure.

Red pomegranate polyphenols make the skin resistant to free radical damage, fight against oxidation and prevent skin aging.

In addition vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E help to eliminate toxins.

  Representative product: Estee Lauder- Estee Lauder Nutrient Essence Water Estee Lauder- Nuevo Nutrient Essence Water replaces the elements of red pomegranate fruit, and its abundant energy far exceeds other fruits.

Cocktail-like powerful antioxidant ingredients, play an excellent detoxifying and repairing function, promote cell metabolism and replenish energy.

The acceleration formula fully drives cell metabolism, and the skin is radiant!

  6. The anti-oxidant ability of lycopene in tomato is 200 times that of vitamin C. It has powerful antioxidant effect. Experiments have found that the use of newly added lycopene beauty products can continue to protect the skin’s dullness, roughness, etc.Skin problems, let the skin drive away sub-health, bloom red.

  代表产品:Kiehl’s-契尔氏番茄红素保湿霜   Kiehl’s-契尔氏番茄红素保湿霜含最新抗氧化科技――番茄萃取的茄红素及Beta胡萝卜素、维他命E,三合一抗氧化天然成份,帮助肌肤Fights external damage and free radicals, giving skin a soft touch.

  7. Carrot Carrot is suitable for β-carotene, which has strong antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

It is a natural sunscreen that filters ultraviolet radiation and helps plants and humans resist other oxidative damage in the environment.

  Representative product: TheBodyShop Carrot Moisturizer Thebodyshop Carrot Moisturizer contains rich carrot essence, which will give you a different feeling from morning to night. You will not feel dry and you do not need to worry about residual moisture, because only the carrot extractThe essence can bring you a day of nourishment.

Carrot extract with high permeability is similar to the sebum secreted by the human body, which can strengthen and protect the sebum film of the skin.