Women in the workplace must pay attention to six major discriminations

Some employers only consider their own economic benefits and believe that women inherently affect the work of the unit or have doubts about women’s ability to work.

Employment discrimination has become an important reason for women’s employment difficulties.

In addition, women are also subject to numerous discriminations in the workplace.

  First, the income discrimination of women is lower than that of men. The reorganization is affected by the prevailing social concepts and the discrimination against women by employers, but is caused by women themselves.

  Women are particularly vulnerable to underestimating themselves, which is why their income is “low” to their potential.

A series of surveys conducted at numerous universities has shown that women can accept lower continuous pay than their male colleagues for the same lab job.

This is not changed by the level of income of women in their previous job.

The root cause, according to some psychologists, is a “depressive effect.”

  According to the definition in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Psychological Association, the depressive effect refers to the fact that people who only account for a minority in society tend to underestimate themselves in the face of the social elite.

Vulnerable groups will take this vulnerable category for granted.

When they see the advantages of the dominant group (ie men), women think they should be, no matter how unfair this advantage is.

  The most effective way for a woman to maintain extreme poverty is to trouble herself.

“Low” income women always unconsciously throw a variety of banana peels on their way.

For example, applying for a job that is not enough for you, conflicting with colleagues, procrastinating, halfway through, and constantly changing jobs, always good when you reach your destination.

Their common characteristic is that they are attacking everywhere, the energy is scattered, and they are not focused.

They always make these mistakes endlessly and endlessly, until one day they suddenly look back, and then they regret the stupid things they did.

  Second, appearance discrimination. Some people have done a questionnaire survey on women’s employment. They asked, “What is the most important thing for women in the job search process?

“, The top four answers are: appearance temperament, education and public relations ability, respectively, 70.

1%, 67.

2% and 60.

7% of respondents chose these options.

In addition, many units have also made demands on women’s marital status.

  Women’s appearance is important in both job search and employment.

A reporter reportedly learned a similar situation during an interview in the talent market.

A girl who graduated from a foreign language department introduced her. After graduating in 2004, she started her bitter job search process.

She has a first-class spoken language and has applied for translation positions in many companies, only because of her height.

5 meters, repeatedly brushed off during interviews.

So that for 4 years she could only make ends meet by working as a tutor.

It is understood that although this year’s marketing, business management and other occupations are in great demand, some female candidates with different skills can choose alternately.

On the one hand, there is an urgent need for talent recruitment, but on the other hand, there is no ability to find a job.

  In the nurse industry, the phenomenon of recruiting people based on their appearance is more obvious.

“When recruiting nurses in a hospital, they first look at the appearance and physique of the candidate, and then refer to their performance and actual ability.

“A loser was angry.

  In the workplace, beautiful women generally pay more than ordinary employees.

A killer tip for researchers at Gildhall University in London: An average secretary earns 15% less than a beautiful secretary.

The study also found that men considered to be unattractive earn 15% less than their handsome colleagues, and women who are less attractive also earn 11% less than their beautiful colleagues.

Obesity has no effect on men’s pay, but women suffer because of obesity and receive 5% less compensation than colleagues who lose weight.

The study visited 1.10,000 people, aged about 33 years.

  Recently, when I read “Girlfriend” magazine, I saw another advertisement that discriminated against women.


An advertisement appeared in the “Campus” magazine.

Instead, the ad stipulates the requirements of the person viewing the ad, which is designated as “non-financial and complete vision.”

This claim is considered by many to be a violation of consumer rights and a form of discrimination against women. They believe that COOKAKA slogan means that COOKAKA’s franchisees and consumers are wealthy and attractive.people.

This also shows that jewelry companies discriminate against women in the workplace.

  Third, psychological discrimination. Of course, female discrimination cannot rule out the subjective consciousness of female professionals.

Many women position themselves as “gender disadvantaged groups” in the subconscious. Because of such subjective consciousness, they may become more sensitive in the workplace, and it is easy to strengthen those phenomena that were not originally unfair.

For example, when a female employee sees a male colleague smoking and chatting with the boss, and approaches, they feel that the boss must be partial to the male employee.

Some women subconsciously believe that since we are vulnerable, we should of course receive more attention and care.

But in today’s highly competitive workplace, who will take special care of others for no reason?

Sometimes, in fact, women just do not receive special care, but it does not mean that they have been discriminated against.

  This difference is indeed interesting, and there are many reasons for this difference.

If we study the psychology of men and women in the workplace, it is not difficult to find that women say that their posture in the workplace is usually compared with the current part of men; but men are always similar to their past parts.

Most women believe that, compared with men, they are still in a disadvantaged position in the workplace, and in some respects they are just fair. But men find that in the past, women began to appear in many areas of male domination.Because of the increase in resistance, the decline of men instead.

  In addition, men have higher “social expectations”. In fact, society is putting pressure on men, which has led men to internalize this standard, requiring them to be outstanding, and to have a house and a car for their wives and children to live.Have a certain quality, must be strong in the work, otherwise it will be considered not outstanding; by reference, society does not have such expectations for women.

  In this case, men’s self-requirements are naturally higher, and more time and energy are allocated to work. Objectively, this has caused women’s development in many fields.

In this way, men take it for granted, while women feel that they do not get a fair return.

  Fourth, ability discrimination In the workplace, women’s ability is often questioned, and many people think that women’s ability to work is not as good as men’s.

There are men and women in the world, but according to their respective levels of life, different educational backgrounds are divided into different social groups.

My point is that the development of different people in the workplace cannot be based on gender alone.

If we pay attention to it, we will find that women’s development is better than men’s in many vocational fields. For example, women’s advantages far exceed men’s in basic education, early childhood education, sales in some industries, and nursing.

Also, the employment rate of female students in Fudan University was higher than that of male students last year.

  For women who are not as good as men in many fields, and some promotion opportunities have been reduced, I don’t think it can be simply attributed to the result of “discrimination”.

Psychological research shows that from the perspective of ability structure, there are more men with the qualities necessary to become leadership talents, calm, restrained, tolerant, humorous, bear weight, and be calm . These characteristics are the basic requirements for promoting cadres.Under the hood, women have a lower percentage of certain characteristics.

This fact has both physiological factors and self-role positioning.

  As a business, you always consider benefits first.

Female employees have fertility problems, can’t travel alone, can’t go out to drink with the boss, etc. These may lead to patriarchal preference in recruitment.

My point of view on these issues is that it is useless to move closer. It is necessary to follow more legal practices and improve the social security system.

  V. Discrimination at birth Judging from the objective facts, due to the physical differences between men and women and the different social roles they assume, women’s work status in the workplace is indeed less stable than that of men, so they are objectively disadvantaged in the workplace.

Relevant laws and regulations stipulate that female employees cannot be dismissed within the “three periods” and must also guarantee basic wages and benefits.

The employer must not hire the female employee of the “three education” contract, but also must hire another person to undertake her work. The cost of employment has risen, and it may also cause small-scale personnel confusion.

Therefore, some units have agreed not to become pregnant within a few years when recruiting female employees, and this is why.

Some recruiters admit: “Of course, these jobs are also possible for women to do, but most of the girls who come to apply for them are in the marriage and childbearing age, they will be pregnant within a few years of work, and have a large number of births. They are mostly family rather than career.But they are necessarily the same as men, so we are more willing to recruit men.

“It is considered that this is an employer’s avoidance of its social responsibility.

Women who are responsible for the social performance of their born children naturally need to spend more time with their children and families. This is an objective requirement of social development and should have the support and help of the whole society, including employers.

However, some employers only consider their own economic benefits, and think that sufficient women’s pregnancy will affect the work of the unit, or they have doubts about women’s ability to work.

  In fact, the ratio of “effective pre-marital occupational life” to that of men is short, so it is relatively difficult to develop to a certain height and quite certain foundation in career.

In fact, when a female college student graduates from undergraduate school, she is about twenty-four or four-years-old. Assuming she is married and reproduced at the age of 30, the total time is only six or seven years.After she got married and became pregnant, her career status would be tied up due to the responsibility of taking care of her children and family. This also caused employers to have alternative concerns about whether to choose women when recruiting.

  6. Discrimination in Promotion Although promotion opportunities are mainly based on job performance and abilities, women are often discriminated against in promotion.

Although many women are promoted very quickly because of their ability to work, but because of their outstanding appearance, they are well liked by men, or their personal relationship with the boss is better. Such people will cause jealousy and discrimination by other female colleagues.

In addition, women are also subject to some gender discrimination when they are promoted, which is also some companies’ doubts about women’s ability.

  But women can only be sure to get solid work from others. Social and economic development has provided more opportunities for women, and what are the workplace women who have special roles in their family life thinking about their careers and families?How about it?
Some people claim to start a business first and then start a family, and some people think that a person will wear away his willpower and struggle spirit when he starts a family, because family life is inevitably trivial.

Some people think that marriage will wear off the personal charm of women.

  A well-known pioneering woman was devoted to her career when she was young. When she wanted to start a career, she often had high demands on men. She would rather not break everything, and many white-collar women were obese and unmarried.

There are also some female managers who claim to start their own business before starting a business. Some people think that for starters, before the age of 26 is just a dormant period. It is a slow learning process. At this stage, they are often engaged in auxiliary work, not yet.At this time, the senior management will start a family to raise children, and then devote themselves to the cause, so that there will be no loss in the development of the career to a critical moment due to the need for cultivation.

  Gender discrimination in the workplace is wrong and harmful and should be corrected in advance.

Solving the problem of gender discrimination in the workplace depends on the employer to change the concept of employment and the improvement of laws and social security systems.

However, professional women have to deal with it correctly.

  My opinion is that for gender discrimination, women should combine social concepts and backgrounds with the gender roles and social responsibilities of women and men to objectively recognize and treat them, and reduce some extreme or biased perceptions.

If the background and reasons of women’s discrimination against sex are more thorough, they can recognize the differences, and apply the terminology of psychology, that is, they dare to “accept” the differences, and internalize it into their own thinking.Blindly rare earth is more useful.