Xiaobian teaches you to simply judge your physical fitness

Everyone’s physical condition is not the same, but they can be distinguished as a whole. The following introduces a simple and comprehensive Chinese medicine classification method, I hope to help everyone.


Normal constitution: racially moisturized, rosy lips, full and full, eating and sleeping well, normal stools, reddish tongue, gentle pulse.

Complications of illness, prevention of resistance, resistance to cold and heat, no tonic, diet or mild tonic.


Chilling constitution: Cold (solid) constitution, ordinary limbs are cold and non-sweating, warm and afraid of cold, often abdominal pain, diarrhea, joint soreness, pale and not thirsty, long and clear, long white tongue, pale or tight pulse.

Should suffer from rheumatoid arthralgia, should feel cold and evil, afraid of cold and cold reflecting climate, should be warm and cold.

Eat warm foods such as lamb, ginger, cinnamon and so on.


Yang Deficiency: Deficiency.

Extremities are not warm, afraid of cold and warm, tired, eat hot food, sleep too much, loose stools, long urine, tooth marks on the fat and tender side of the tongue, moist, slow and weak pulse.

Sickness often starts with chills, and should be accompanied by phlegm drinking, swelling, diarrhea, impotence, etc., which is susceptible to cold evil and easy to get wet.

Resistant to summer and not winter, should be used to warm the sun.


Yin deficiency constitution: It is a deficiency-heat constitution, mostly thin and thin, upset and red, hands and feet hot, especially in the afternoon, dry mouth and dry throat, dry eyes, dizziness, tinnitus, poor sleep, dry stool, red tongue with little dry skin, pulseBreak down.

Should suffer from the distortion of yin deficiency and heat, fear of the evil of heat, resistance to winter and summer.

Should nourish yin tonic, Ganhan fever.

Such as lily, wolfberry, Ophiopogon, sea cucumber, American ginseng and so on.


Yang heat constitution: It is a type of real heat.

His complexion is red and red, he is afraid of heat and cold, he is thirsty and sweaty, and he likes cold food. He is susceptible to high fever, yellow urine and constipation, red tongue, yellow fur, and strong pulse.

The most common diseases are heat, susceptibility to sores, heat, winter and summer, and foods or drinks that are bitter and hot, such as bitter gourd, kuding tea, and lotus seed heart.


Qi Deficiency Constitution: Deficiency constitution, white shaohua, shortness of breath, easy sweating, little food, fatigue, pale red tongue, fat tongue, slow pulse.

She is susceptible to colds, does not heal after illness, viscera is prone to sag, and is intolerant to wind, cold, and heat.

Should eat yam, lotus seeds or ginseng, astragalus and so on.


Blood deficiency constitution: pale or pale, pale lip nails, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, or numbness of the limbs, weak tongue.

Should be nourishing Qi and blood.

Use Angelica, cooked land, longan meat.


Blood stasis constitution: dull complexion, dull or purple lips, dark eye sockets, wrong skin nails, or sickness, stinging, painful fixation, dark purple spots on tongue, fine pulse or irregular pulse rate.

Susceptible to bleeding, dysentery, stroke, chest paralysis (coronary heart disease) and other diseases.

Should promote blood circulation, use hawthorn, peach kernel and so on.


Wet phlegm constitution: fat body and large abdomen, excessive skin and skin fat, sweaty and sticky, eyes floating slightly, chest tightness, heavy weight, heavy, sleepy, like fat and sticky things, diarrhea, fatMost of the teeth marks, greasy white fur, slippery pulses.

Easy to suffer from thirst (diabetes), stroke (cerebrovascular accident), chest paralysis and other diseases.

Poor adaptability to wet environment and rainy season.
Should eliminate dampness and phlegm.
Should take Coix Seed, Poria, Red Bean, Winter Melon Peel, Lotus Leaf, Lotus Stem and so on.


Damp-heat constitution: scaly, shiny, prone to small sore acne, drowsy, lazy, sticky stools, male scrotum tilted, female yellow belt stink, yellow tongue greasy, slippery pulse

Susceptible to diabetes, jaundice, gonorrhea, fever and other diseases.

It is difficult to adapt to the high temperature and humid and hot climate.

The diet is the same as that of phlegm and dampness. Avoid spicy food.


Qi and depression: Depressed expression, fullness of the chest, pain in walking, too good breath, hiccups, foreign body sensation, or breast tenderness, dysmenorrhea.

Susceptible to depression, irritability, rashness, plum nucleus gas, panic and other consequences.

Poor adaptability to mental stimuli, should adjust their mentality, and should take the products of Qi, such as roses, bergamot, radish and other products of Qi.

Not tonic.