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Many people don’t know how to cook chopped fish head.

The main ingredients of chopped fish head are anchovy head, as well as pepper, pepper, salt, etc. This dish is still very rich in nutrition, contains multiple vitamins, and has the function of dehumidifying the wind. It is very delicious, occasionallyHaving a meal in a restaurant is really evocative.

It is not difficult to make this dish. If we learn to make this dish, it is economical and affordable to make it at home.

Let’s take a closer look at how the fish heads are cooked.

The fish head with chopped peppers has the unique flavor of fish head with the “savory” and the spicy flavor of chopped peppers.

The hot red chopped peppers are covered with white and tender fish head meat, exuding a hot and fragrant aroma.

The spicy temptation of Hunan cuisine is perfectly reflected in the “chopped fish head”.

The steaming method keeps the freshness of the fish head as much as possible within the meat quality, and the taste of the chopped pepper just penetrates into the fish meat. The fish head is soft, fatty but not greasy, and salty and slightly spicy.

Number of ingredients recipes: 470 (calorie) Main ingredients Sturgeon head 1 method / step Remove the black film from the fish head, rinse the inner cavity carefully with water, use a knife to cut open the fish belly to the fish mouth, and then cut with a knifeMake the fish head flat and straight.

Knead the fish head with salt, cooking wine, and pepper for about half an hour to remove the fishy taste.

Spread the chopped ginger slices and shallots on the bottom of the plate.

Spread the marinated fish heads on a plate.

Spread the fish head with chopped peppers and steam for about 20 minutes. The fish eyes bulge and are cooked.

After opening the lid, discard the steamed soup from the dish.

In the process of steaming fish, cut the ginger, onion and garlic into the end.

Put an appropriate amount of tea oil in the pot and heat it.

Spread the chopped onion ginger minced garlic on the fish head, and quickly and evenly pour the burnt oil on the fish head.

When eating, mix the onion ginger garlic and chopped pepper.