Anti-headache, a comb to help you


Physical examination once a year, the physical condition has long known the reason: physical examination is an assessment of physical health, only to understand their physical condition, can take targeted preventive health measures.

  Expert message: Physical examination is especially important for those over 40 years old. It should be adhered to once a year.

Young people can 2?
3 years physical examination.


Dental should be often used to prevent dental disease, anal should often remove constipation reasons: dental caries can improve local blood circulation, stimulate connective tissue to better fix teeth and reduce the chance of dental disease.

At the same time, the caries can increase the secretion of oral saliva, which helps digestion.

Frequent anal can prevent constipation, hemorrhoids.

  Expert message: This is a very old way of health and it is still valid.


Shujin Huoxue anti-headache, a comb to help you reason: comb hair can penetrate the body of the meridian qi and blood, nourish hair, brain and ears, headache.

When combing the hair, it is necessary to comb the entire head, and there is a certain strength. Generally, the hair is combed for about 10 minutes each time, about a hundred times.

  Expert message: People who are easy to lose hair can change the massage scalp to reduce hair loss.


You take one, I take one, I have been photographing seventy-seven; I take a deep breath, squat down, and go to the theater at 10:10. Reason: “You take one, I take one, I have been photographing seventy-seven; take a deep breath, squat”Start” means taking the left shoulder with your right hand, taking the right shoulder with your left hand, taking a total of seventy-seven times, then taking a deep breath and practicing 蹲5?
10 times.

“10:10” means pointing to the body and lifting it up to 10:10, repeating 20?
30 times.

The so-called “going to the play” refers to the act of imitating people when they watch the play, stretching their feet and stretching their necks, and keeping them for a few seconds, then repeating them.

  Expert message: The mouth is easy to remember, the action is simple and easy, it is the daily exercise that office workers must do.


Hand in hand for 10 minutes every day, the husband and wife love to win the beauty reason: with the loved ones holding hands, skin blind date, through bioelectricity exchange, will produce unspeakable pleasure, the body releases beneficial hormones, its health care function far exceeds skin care products and beauty cream.

In addition, holding hands also means marriage and family harmony.

  Expert message: The family is the harbor of the soul and the foundation of health.


Learning a good example of the heart, work and rest and gas retention reasons: Our heart can beat tirelessly for decades, thanks to the way it works: step by step, methodical, and relaxation.

  Expert message: When you are young, you don’t pay attention to work and rest. You may be sick all the time.


Enjoy a good time to buy food, fitness and eye-catching reasons: Many people regard buying food as a burden, in fact, buying food is a good health activity.

Those fruits and vegetables in the market can be pleasantly pleasing; spending money to settle accounts can correct mental agility and prevent senile dementia; leeks walk and even move muscles.

  Expert message: Going with family or neighbors and friends is more conducive to harmonious communication in a healthy body.


The lame can eliminate the disease, and the fitness step can eliminate the fatigue of the feet and penetrate the blood and meridians.

The practice is to use the sole of the foot to rub all the parts of the opposite side of the instep, each time 2?
3 minutes.

There are many acupuncture points on the ears, and regular massage can help the body to fight health.

  Expert message: It’s easy to pinch your ears and your ears are good and harmless.

Stress and anxiety lead to disease, psychological balance to solve the reasons: tension, anger, anxiety, fear are the triggers of the disease, when encountering unsolvable problems, do not hinder a big drink: love slamming.

Protect your health and everything will be solved.

  Expert message: Psychological balance is one of the cornerstones of health.

The teacup only contains half a cup of water, and it starts up with more water. Reasons for the event: Remind yourself not to forget the hydration, but only half a cup of water at a time, in order to “force” yourself to get up and finish the water after drinking, to avoid “sitting for a long time.””.

  Expert message: Do not prefer to drink without water, too lazy to get up and move.


Hegu is inside Sanli, and often massages for physical reasons: regular massage of Hegu (located in the depression of the thumb and forefinger), Neiguan (located in the direction of the elbow of the wrist to the elbow, the middle of the line), ZusanliAcupoints (outside knees straight down the four horizontal fingers), set the whole body qi and blood smooth, so that disease treatment, disease-free fitness purposes.

  Expert message: A little effort should be used during massage, but brute force is not available. It is good for swelling, pain, acid and numbness.


Although the movement of the shaking leg is indecent, the reason for preventing the thrombus is good: the work at the desk, when watching TV, people will maintain the posture, which is not conducive to the blood flow of the lower extremities, easily lead to deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins of the lower extremities.

From time to time, the two legs can use the strength of muscle contraction to promote blood return.

  Expert message: When the work is interrupted or idle, you may wish to shake your legs, which is good for your health.